Tuesday, October 29, 2013

About introverts...

Introverted people are often misunderstood.  I'm one of these creatures, so I know all about this.

I'm always happy, but sometimes my face is misleading.

I love people and I love knowing they're there, but often that's more than enough for me.  I don't go out of my way to socialize and in fact, I often avoid people.

But I need the socialization some, so I do have my moments when I need to be with friends and family.  When I need to actually socialize.  While this gives me a lot of enjoyment, it also wears me out mentally and physically.  Normally I need two days rest for every one day of socializing.

I'm also quiet more days than I'm outspoken.  This doesn't mean anything, other than maybe it makes me a better listener than some.  I just don't feel the need for small talk like many other people do.

Family often misunderstands and think I want to be left alone, when that's not actually the case.  Even my husband gets this wrong sometimes and we're very close.  I understand how tricky this is to get right, so I don't get upset with anyone, even when I'm sad at being left behind.

Often, being an anonymous person among many is a comfort.  I try to schedule a few days a month where I take my day's work to busy areas, like Starbucks, Panera, or Barnes and Noble.  Oddly it helps me be more comfortable introducing myself to new people.

Baristas and managers, of course, are ones I talk to a lot.  I used to manage a coffee shop and I will own one in the future.  I've worked alongside other writers and artists, a cartoonists, software specialist, students, and more.

Introverts like people.  We just suffer social stress.

This is me in Real Life.

I think this is why Myst attracted me to playing games online.  I could choose to play by myself or play with friends.  I could play in Ages occupied by other players, where I could see people and know I wasn't really alone, or I could choose a private instance.

The cool thing is that I also found my first virtual family that way.  Real people with real problems coming together inside a game to develop mental stability in dealing with life's challenges.  This has initiated a book in process with a character going through this.  I've heard of a few others with their own version of a similar idea.

My Second Life is much the same.  But more purpose driven.  We get to do more in Second Life so often I'm in doing "chores" or building.  And when I'm price shopping breedables, it's the same.  Often chat is closed and radar is ignored.  Guess I'm perceived as rude sometimes.

Sometimes I go in and sit, listening to the radio station or environment while working in Real Life.  So AFK a whole lot.  Guess that can be rude too.

Don't meant to be.  It's just who I am.

I love my friends, but there's not as many for me as there are for others.  I'm more sociable with them...or maybe I'm just a pest more often than not.  haha

Monday, October 28, 2013

New private group...

I'm not working the home store right now, although I still have plans to get it on marketplace one day and hope to create a Christmas present for people.

I cleaned out the Frosted Myst and Breedables group and made it private.  Going to invite friends into it and use it for those of us who wish to give away or trade breedables with one another.  We have plenty of spots we friends belong to for advertising the items we're actually selling, but not bartering or giving away.  There's a nice bartering group, but they still do Amaretto.  My intent is that this one be mostly Biobreeds.  But anything else is totally welcome, and I'm sure I'll announce other breedables for myself in it too.

Not sure what's up with WK.  For a week solid I've gotten only single sacks.  Perhaps I've pissed off the WK gods, not sure.  My WK normally do give twins.

Popeye and Olive Oyl gave a single female as their last baby together before taking the hobo walk.  Nice traits, prehistoric teeth and extra long whiskers - but regular size and low level 2, no eye.  I set it aside to perhaps do something with it later on.

Whiskey and Honey go next... but debating on Whiskey... maybe he should wait for this latest girl...must think on that, quickly.  They'll drop soon.

Saw a hint of a surprise on Halloween day from WK.  If it's a random drop, then pooh.  A one-day random drop for a breedable with 2 weeks growing time to hit 100 for the first time and ten days in between sacks is no fun for most people.  It leaves out the small breeders.  Their week long random eye drops for the month of October included everyone and that was a very good thing.

Doing well on WK numbers - they'll be down where I want them shortly.

Happy that Biobreeds is doing another random drop.  Sad that Smmu did't get the dalmation one.  I checked this morning.  lol  I didn't either.  That's okay...I really just wanted Smmu to get one.  Maybe she'll get a pony or exotic one.

Biobreeds numbers are figured out.  Just have extras to try to sell before heavening.  I'm using my traffic counters and giving them so long to go, based on how many people have seen them.  This week a bunch of nice lineage shibas go if they don't sell.  Next week the spot will be used to show my extra dobes or gs and give them a chance... er, some of them.  It will be a slow process - I have a lot and it will be as I can afford to heal them.

Still have on my wishlist that BB animals just go dormant in inventory.  I'd really keep more if they did, but I've found that healing and reseeding both is just way too expensive for me.

In fact, I think all breedables should have a dormant state.  The market has grown to the level where I believe this could be an asset to both the breeders and creators, rather than a means of abuse.

Still, Biobreeds got my vote in the choice awards, as did Camelot Ranch, and of course, some of my D'ni family.  http://avichoiceawards.wordpress.com/enter-your-nominations-here/#contact-form-444

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ebony is in Second Life now

Ebony is the real life dog I introduced in a previous posting...

A black Great Dane I rescued from a puppy mill, where she was stuck in a small crate as a 8 week pup.  Kept there until I got her.  Never cleaned.  Never given a bigger crate.  She grew up in waste.  The crate "squished" her.  She had bones so soft she was walking on her knees by the time I got her at six months old.

She was black with white on her nose and chest, and a bit on her feet.  Not a perfect match to any of the BB Great Dane coats, but I have her memory covered.

My danes have thrown a Harlequin, Black Mantle and a Black Night.  All females, of course, as all 11 babies have been females so far.

The Harlequin is called Paisley.  The Black Mantle is Ebony and Ivory.  And the Black Night is Ebony.

Been seeing a lot of new BB people.  Think that's great.

Amazed at the number of KC people.

See more dwindling on the Amaretto end of things.  Wonder if they'll do some small changes like letting people see the sex on the bundles, to encourage more breeders?  Doubt it.  That doesn't seem to fit into their personal plans and if your need or suggestion doesn't fit with their own, then it doesn't count.

I had a passing desire to get into breeding a few of those...but it passed.  \

WK prices are way lower than the creators wanted, but I think they'll continue to grow.  People just aren't going to spend the higher linden amounts for a breedable as often anymore.  Maybe they saw themselves taking Amaretto's place in high dollar breedables, but I truly think those days are over.  You're just not going to see as many 100-400K pixel sales.

As it is, prices really are out there at a level where people may be willing to invest in.  I see this as a good thing.  I try to keep my prices where the norm is, not where they say we "should" be.  There are a few die hard nay-sayers on this who don't feel the excellent creators and the excellent product they have is enough to keep it going.  I don't agree.  The day this "market talk" gets out of hand is the day I pull them from my stores.  Give away to friends the ones I don't use or send them away for points.

Got three weeks to cut back to where I need to be.  It's going really good.  Then I'm going to reassess my KittyCats.  I may try to go further with them if I can.  Prims won't matter with them seeing as the cattery is there to use.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Starter angst....

There's a reason I'm not a starter person in the breedables.  They can drive me batty!  So glad I was too linden poor to go as high with the danes as I wanted.

Out of ten starters - 2 males and 8 females, I've now had the first crate from all 8 females.  All 8 were females.  Only 2 showed anything new.  And of the rest, none were trait loaded.

In other words, I don't know what my starters are carrying for sure.  I know two carry a new coat, and I have that narrowed down to 50/50 chance of guessing which one has the coat.

This means another 10 day wait before I can tell which ones to keep, which ones to let go of, and the same for their babies.  Right now I have a flat price of 500L on their babies.  Some will come down to 200 or 300 once I know something of whom carries what.

Now, I can say I don't get the angst in the fishies.  They seem to show hiddens pretty quickly, allowing you to make your choices right away.  I like that.

Got solar storm shade on the green and white betta today.  Yay!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wow, my animals are mad at me!

Don't think my breedables like me very well.  All drops from all types was crappy coats or low levels and lacking traits.  One of the WK couple gave a lesser level coat and they were the hot producers last time.  LOL

Saw triple coat husky offspring go for little bit of nothing last night at auction.  Man, I really wanted to piss people off by chewing them out.  I may hate the market talk, but cheap selling that line is a slap in the face to the ones who worked so hard to create it.  It's a special line.  No way to treat your friends.  Little pissed about it.

So wish I'd win the lotto. I'd try to get as many as I can with that line to sell to me, heaven the lesser ones and give the rest to the original breeder and get that line fixed.

My display for that line was getting full, so I culled.  Sent a few live offspring to heaven, and the one shaded crates.  Birthed the two triple shades I had out for sale for live sales.  Not lowering my prices so they won't sell, I'm sure.  May as well make them work while they're there then.

I did cut the shiba prices down but they're not selling.  I am thinking about culling all except 5T ones to make room.

Anxiously waiting for the next two rounds of crates from Great Danes.  I got two females I want and then will keep a blue one for myself, and choose a male to keep.  Selling the rest or heavening.  Ready to get to it!

And it's time to cull heaven offspring.  The spots are getting full.  Managed to sell two at auction last night, so that helps.  Kind of surprised.  The Heaven and Hellish offspring aren't selling as easy as I expected.  Me thinks perhaps not letting the hair pass along with the eye may have hurt.  Not sure why they didn't let those pass.  They'd be more valuable to me if they did, to be honest.

Side comment: wish whoever has that stupid auto spammer in The Farm group would be taken out.  Why send ads there or leave the group up when that stupid thing is going off constantly?  People who abuse those tools give the rest of us users a bad rep.

Also, not too impressed with Google's blog system.  Thinking of going elsewhere.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gonna take FOR-E-V-ER

Finally realized I'm done learning all I can from my Second Life.  Time for the next chapter.  And time to get my Tyme back.  Tyme is my real life horse.  We've been apart for many years.  I plan on correcting that issue in the spring.  My friend took this picture of him last week for me.

So...Second Life preparations are underway.  Wild Kajaera, Pet Peddlers, and KittyCats are easy.  I started out managing my population of those right away.  Will take me a week to work out their prim count needs.  Maybe just a day.

Biobreeds, on the other hand. Oiy!  

I am ever so thankful I started heavening anything not on the top of the list long ago.  And still it's a mess!  

I started my lists and it's going to take a bit to get through them.  Think I'll heal 25 at a time when I can and set them out for sale.  What doesn't sell after so much traffic will get heavened.  At least give my friends a chance at them.

Not quitting.  Nothing like that.  Just may go down to a few days a week in SL, and eliminate most of my expenses.

I pay for extra land.  More than what my critters pay for.  Why?  It's my allowance, but why there when I could save it to get my Tyme to me?  It's the thought running through my head ever since my friend sent me that picture yesterday.

I also realized I've been thinking about this the wrong way.

I've been wondering how to play Second Life.  How my priorities have changed.  But they haven't.  I'm just ready for the next chapter.

Hard to explain, but totally different way of thinking.

Also planning ahead for my epic purchases.  I'll still buy the special editions in BB and KC.  Just won't breed them as much and may give some as donations away for the sims I support.  Good for raffles.  Especially for my RFL donations.  Those will still go through breedables.

No WK.  They're too expensive.  I commend their efforts at trying to build a strong second market from the start.  Just don't think it works.  People don't operate that way.  Starters are too expensive for my budget and their special editions are way too expensive.  MAYBE I'd make the next RFL an exception.

Going to give away my Imaginimals.  Not doing those now as I just don't have the time to commit.  

No Amaretto.  They bore me and lurking in chats has shown me that the attitudes still aren't what I appreciate.

May expand in Inworldz though.  Get started with Pet Peddlers full force there.  Maybe I should be a sea captain with my own ship!  LOL

Monday, October 21, 2013

They get treats again....

Well attention anyway.  My great danes decided to give me two coats this time.  A Harlequin and a Black Mantle.  So they got taken out for a walk and swim.

My animals have done really well yesterday.  Got a nice 4T white shiba with the Heaven Eye too.  Thinking I'll keep her for breeding, but haven't fully decided yet.

Sales stalled so my pay it forward has stalled too.  Sniff!  Thinking I'll go through and heaven a bunch and birth some more new.  Sent a lot of nice line 3T shibas away already.  And one of the double ribbon Appaloosa pennies.  Need to open up spots for the danes.  I'm only keeping a few.

The Harlequin girl is named Paisley.  Named the Black Mantle Ebony and Ivory.  Just need the Black Night one to call it Ebony after my Ebony.  A rescue Dane I owned awhile back.

She was black and I rescued her from a puppy mill through the shelter I ran.  She had been in the puppy mill since 8 weeks old but never tended to.  Stuck in a tiny crate, even as she outgrew it.  Crap piling up.

At six months I got her.  It was touch and go.  Her bones were so soft, she walked on her knees.  My father built a special crate for her, as I could only let her out 15 min a day.  Special food, light exercise, lots of love and she was walking upright in a few months like a normal dane.

Two years she stayed with me, then had to be put down for serious bone pain from the experience.